Cheering loud and proud


By: Taylor Lamm @Lammers11

She walks into the gym with the rest of her team. The girls are all ready to go, dressed up in their uniforms with their bows looking perfect. They are ready to cheer on the players for the game. Hoping for the big win.

Gabrielle Fiala, junior, is a varsity cheerleader for basketball. This is her first year on basketball cheer. “I used to cheer for wrestling,” she said. Fiala decided to change to basketball cheer because, “basketball cheer has a lot more stunting and is more fun to go to the games,” Fiala stated.

Fiala and the rest of the team are always trying to get the student section involved to get the basketball players pumped up. These are mostly the same girls that are also on the football cheer team, they have a good bond and are always trying to make sure the team is pumped up for the game. “We do involvement cheers with RedNation to help get them pumped up,” she said. She enjoys seeing the excitement from crowd knowing she helped make them that way.

As the girls start warming up and getting ready to start cheering she thinks about all the memories she has had with her team. She is excited to begin another game of pumping the crowd up. Also anxious to see the final score.

Cheer is important, too!


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