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May 1, 2024
The issues with planes could affect how we travel in the upcoming years.
Traveling troubles
April 30, 2024
Mr. Robinson brings uses his teaching skills in and out of the classroom to help his students and athletes as well.
Competent coaches
April 30, 2024
Posters about the new nail art club hang around the school for more students to be informed.
Nailing new designs
April 30, 2024
Prom dresses were much different in the early 2000s compared to the trends of now.
Prom or pajamas?
April 30, 2024

Smart or dumb pass?

When asked in a convenience poll of over 100 people, 96.2% said no to liking SmartPass.

     The computer app, SmartPass, is used to minimize students’ time outside of classes. Whenever a student needs to leave class for any reason, one must create a pass based on current location and desired destination. After starting the pass, students are to turn computers toward the teacher to show the pass is started. Throughout the day, individuals are allowed three passes but can request another if needed.

     A lot of students have strong opinions on having a set amount of time to use the restrooms. Some classmates may need more time than allowed, but are not given extra time. Ashley Lantz, senior, said “I don’t like them at all. I feel like I’m being treated like a child. I am almost 18 and I will be out in the real world very soon, so why do I need to create a timed pass when I need to use the restroom.” Many students feel as if it’s unfair for everyone to have to use online passes.

     The highest amount of time a student can have to use the restroom is six minutes. That includes walking to and from the bathrooms and using them as well. If students exceed the time given, it turns red and alerts all staff. Chris Raymond, assistant principal, said, “If students are overtime, myself or other staff who are monitoring the app go to clear bathrooms or pull in students who are abusing their time out of class and work to change habits.” Some students just need extra time, while others may just be using their time inappropriately.

     Sometimes the bathrooms could be too full for students to use the restroom and get back to class on time. It may also be difficult for women who are menstruating and don’t have the items needed while using the restroom. Other classmates may have to bring products to the restrooms, which would take more time than allotted for that student.

     Many people feel like it’s unfair that everyone has to use the smart passes when not every student is the problem. Lantz said, “The smart passes are punishing the whole student body when there are only a select few that roam the halls. The staff knows who these people are and could only make them have to use the passes.” The smart passes are intended to document time individuals spend outside of class and report the information back to students and parents.

     In some classes, students are not allowed to have computers out, so no passes can be made. On top of that, SmartPass is disabled on students’ phones, so as a result, the student has only one way to make a pass, even if computer usage is restricted. The last way people can leave the classroom is having teachers make a pass for their students. Having to make passes on computers also drains batteries that could be used for class assignments.

     Although some students may find SmartPass inconvenient and not useful, teachers and staff use it for good reasons. Raymond said, “People need passes outside of education for parking, sporting events, and concerts… This is really no different and we are not unique in using digital passes.” Adults use passes in their everyday lives, so having them in school can be preparing students for adulthood.

     Using these online passes is very helpful to track time spent outside of classes. Even though some students may disagree with them, the staff has found them very convenient with recording students’ time used.

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