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May 1, 2024
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Guess who’s back?

Mrs. Cannon proudly represents the English department as she wears her reading shirt.

     Teens go to high school for four years and typically don’t plan on coming back. Mrs. Cannon, formally known as Rachel Wilkey, is a new teacher at school this year, who graduated from the district in 2019, and is excited to be working in the same place she went to school four years ago. Compared to most educators, she is quite young to be teaching.

     Starting a career at a young age can be very thrilling, however, it can be nerve-wracking at the same time. Cannon said, “It’s a little bizarre. Many students recognize that I am really young, but I don’t let that stop me from being the best teacher I can be.’’ She receives a lot of support from other teachers, and many of the ones that still continue to work here taught her as a student. Although several aspects of the school remain the same, there are some changes that have occurred since she graduated in 2019 such as the new stadium, soon-to-be new auditorium, the classrooms, and the class sizes. Cannon graduated in a class size of 147, but now classes are much bigger.

     While in school, everyone always says students should know what they want to do by the time they get into high school, but that is not always necessary. Cannon didn’t always want to be a teacher while she was in school. As a freshman, she wanted to pursue a career in nursing. During her sophomore year, Mrs. Champion, English teacher, and Mrs. Mainardi, former librarian, suggested she would be a strong English teacher. Cannon said, “It just clicked at that moment. It was like a new door of possibilities had opened up before me… and now here I am!” Knowing what to do after high school can be very helpful depending on what classes students need to take. However, high school is made up of mostly general education classes, so they don’t have to know exactly what they want to do for a career.

     Currently, Cannon is teaching English 1A and B, and 2A and B. Although she loves teaching, other options have also been contemplated. Cannon said, “I have thought about getting my master’s in Library Sciences to look into a Teacher-Librarian position. I also have a minor in Communications that I have considered furthering, in which I would receive my masters to hopefully teach college-level speech courses.” Most of the other possibilities that she has considered also revolve around teaching and helping other people.

     Cannon was involved in many fine arts activities during her years as a student, including the fall play and spring musical, speech, choir, and show choir. She was also in Journalism for two years and was a yearbook editor her senior year. Jonathan Dyrland, choir director, said, “She was an amazing student.” Being involved in many activities can leave an impact on performance, work ethic, and teamwork skills, which can come in handy when working with other teachers and students.

     Some educators are very excited to see her back so soon. Dyrland said, “She was very fun and upbeat and always had a smile on her face …she was well-respected and admired by her fellow classmates.” Having the opportunity to work with former teachers can be very comforting for a young one.

     When Cannon was a freshman in high school, she started dating Dalton Cannon, another alumni, who is now her husband. Cannon said, “We are both teachers as well. We support each other in everything we do, and I wouldn’t have it any other way… Being married to my best friend who understands everything I go through is the best thing I could ask for.” They were both very passionate about participating in the fine arts, and they were in spring musicals together. She played Dolly Levi in “Hello Dolly” alongside Dalton who played Horace Vandergelder, who Dolly falls in love with. They also played a lovestruck couple in the musical “Bye Bye Birdie” in 2018. Along with her being very involved in choir and musical activities, her mom also volunteered and took on the role as a seamstress for the music directors. Her mother still continues to help out whenever she can and is greatly appreciated for all of her hard work and talent.

     Having a teacher who recently experienced what students are currently going through can be helpful and more engaging because they understand their students better. Cannon said, “Get your homework done and pay attention… You have to put forth more effort to fail than to pass.” Her advice may arguably be more relevant, considering she recently went through the same obstacles as many current students.

     Some teachers hope that alumni will continue to come back or start teaching. Dyrland said, “I hope we have more alumni come back to join our staff. It’s a bit like a family reunion.” Getting to teach at your former school can be a fun experience and can even allow for stronger bonds between students and teachers.

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