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Donald Trump, a very controversial man, arguably the most controversial person. During his political campaign, he brought up the topic of stricter border control. During past presidencies, I feel that the issue surrounding border control and illegal immigrants was not discussed nor fixed. When Trump first announced his run for president he brought up the idea of a southern border wall. In the beginning, I had a love-hate relationship with the idea, but then I looked into the facts and realized that we as a country truly do have a problem with people illegally crossing the border.

   According to a study done by Mohammad M. Fazel-Zarandi, a researcher at Yale and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, there are an estimated 22.1 million undocumented immigrants in our country. Mexicans make up half of the illegals in America. The three most common ways they enter our country are crossing the border, overstaying their visas, or border crossing card violation. Building a wall along the border will help prevent them from crossing illegally. It won’t cause the issue to completely disappear but it will help immensely.  

Along with those undocumented immigrants come many issues. They aren’t sending their best people into our country, they are the drug dealers, rapist, human traffickers, and just overall bad people. Yes, some good people come too, but if they are really all that good they should file for citizenship and come in the proper way.

   Starting December 22, 2018, the government partially shut down due to the fact that lawmakers and Trump weren’t able to come to an agreement over federal funding. Many liberals have gotten upset over the fact that the government is shut down. They are arguing that Trump is asking for too much money or that the wall isn’t worth people not getting paid. If Democrats would just realize that the wall is what’s best for us, government employees would start getting paid again. Also, the argument that he is asking for too much money is invalid. Trump is asking for 5.7 billion dollars in order to build the wall, and according to Trump we would save billions of dollars, so if you think about it, in the end, we will make money.

   The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), released a report that says illegal immigration costs about $135 billion dollars a year. Can you imagine what we could do with that money? In 2016, America identified 39,471 homeless veterans, some of that $135 billion could go to our homeless vets. Also, how about we overall give our vets and active duty more money. Those people fight or fought for our freedom, without our servicemen and women, we wouldn’t be the country we are today.  

   We need to do what is best for our country, and that is taking a step towards getting rid of our illegal immigration issues as a whole. Even though many people seem to think Donald Trump is an “idiot,” building the wall is arguably what’s best for our country. So next time you try to hate on the wall, remember how much money we are wasting on illegals and where that money could be going or the fact that our safety is at risk.


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  1. As Baylea stated at the conclusion of her response, I want to thank Alessandra (and Baylea) for spending more than 2 minutes and 128 characters to articulate an organized, data-based persuasive argument in hopes of initiating a possible constructive dialog on a very important subject.

    However, as a person who believes people need to be careful consumers of data (regardless of its source) I must point out that the estimated annual $135 billion dollars represents an existing and ongoing expense that needs to be addressed separately from the wall. The wall may stop this amount from growing, but that growth amount would be the only cost savings we should compare to the construction cost.

    I look forward to reading additional insights (both for and against) from more students who understand that beneficial and lasting change can only occur through critical, open-minded thinking, discussion, debate, compromise and consensus building.

  2. Baylea, while I understand where most immigrants are coming from, don’t you think the “it’s too hard to do it legally” defense is just an excuse? Millions of people do it legally every year, so why is it out of line to expect everyone to? And how do you think the legal immigrants feel when people just sneak in and cheat the system? While the process may be hard, it’s only enforcing the entitled meantality to give things away for free. A lot of things in life are hard, but we can’t just expect them to be given to us because they are “hard”.

    The cost savings of lowering the amount of illegal immigrants is well documented by several sources, not just a number that Trump made up. You’re right, we can never stop it completely, but it we save even 50% of that number annually, it could fund so many other needed programs in the US. The 1 time cost of a wall would generate an annual savings of millions.

  3. Alessandra,

    I think it’s awesome that you’re covering such a hard-hitting topic. Being a former member of the Vox I’m glad that you guys are continuing to cover issues like this.

    I have a couple questions about your argument. Have you looked into the process to become a citizen in the United States? It is extremely difficult and takes years to finally go through. I myself dealt with this process first hand while helping a friend try to renew her DACA. We’re asking people who probably do not speak English or use it as a second language to fill out legal documents. I read it and didn’t think I could even speak English. Even if they do find a way to fill out the necessary documents it takes years for them to get approved. A lot of people in this situation don’t have 5+ years to stay where they’re at.

    Similarly, what I saw from pictures at the border we’re families with children. While rapists and drug dealers could look like anyone, I don’t believe that’s what the majority of people who are coming to America plan on doing. Many of them appear to be families seeking asylum from horrible conditions. If I was a mother trying to save my children from corruption and give them a chance at a good life, I wouldn’t fill out paperwork and pray we get let in. I’d save my children and ask for forgiveness later.

    Lastly, while Trump may be our president I, unfortunately, don’t think we can believe a lot that he says. Just because Trump states that we will save billions doesn’t make it true. If we were truly worried about homeless veterans I say we use the 5.7 billion dollars to help them and other people suffering instead of spending it on a wall. The truth is, people will find a way to get in no matter what. For many, they have no other choice so they will do whatever it takes to find asylum.

    Thanks again for an article that sparks up this conversation!

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