The catch with Chromebooks


This year is the first year students are one to one with Chromebooks, and for the most part, it’s been working really well, at least when the wifi is working. Most teachers have been incorporating them into their teaching. However, their have been some problems. Some students don’t use them for their intended educational purpose. They will play games, or watch Youtube instead of paying attention during class. This is becoming less of a problem since many things have been blocked, but it’s created others, and made some students mad. The day it was blocked, and for days afterwards, there was some problems in class. Websites used for lessons were blocked, such as Kami. This problem has been fixed now, but people are still upset about other things.

Something that upsets people, is the loss of their backgrounds and themes, although the backgrounds are now available again. Before students were allowed to choose their themes, now everyone has the same one. Many students were talking the day it happened, saying how ridiculous it was that everything was so controlled to such an extent.

The problem of students playing games during class should not be ignored, but it is also understandable that people are upset with the amount of restriction. There needs to be a line between playing Tetris during choir rehearsal, and not being able to customize Chromebook themes.

One of the students who is upset with this change is Dawn Sloan, sophomore. “I get headaches really easily from light and loud noises, and even though the backgrounds are back, the tabs are still really bright, even when the brightness is turned down. They only have certain amounts of themes for students to use, and they aren’t really things that interest me. It feels like its not mine. It’s like they will give us the computers, but they aren’t ours , which makes me hesitant to use it I guess. I can’t make it my own because everything is blocked,” said Sloan.

Technology can make learning better, but it can also make it worse. It’s up to the administration to decide how we are allowed to use it. As students it our job to be responsible with the technology we are given, because it is a privilege. Sadly, some students have already proven we can’t all be trusted, but maybe if we start showing improvement, and voice our concerns and problems, they’ll give us a second chance.



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