Comeback season


This season is a comeback season for sophomore 3 sports athlete, Carter Scott. Scott suffered a devastating injury, this past football season in a JV game vs Solan.  Scott went down in the 4th quarter after being involved in a helmet to helmet collision. An ambulance was called as Scott laid on the field after regaining consciousness, the crowd watched this all play out in utter disbelief.

After hours of not knowing what the outcome could be, Scott and family received the official diagnosis. Scott had fractured his T1 vertebrae and suffered from a concussion. His family felt a sigh of relief after realizing he would be okay. This injury still comes with a long, strenuous recovery. “It felt like forever, it was so boring, I spent a lot of my time sitting,” said Carter Scott when asked about the recovery process.

Staying safe, the most important part of this season. “I really need to be cautious and watch out, I can’t fall on my neck at all,” said Scott. Wrestling season wasn’t initially in the plan, Scott originally believed that he wouldn’t be able to participate in this year’s season. “The doctor thought that I might need surgery, but it wasn’t as bad as it could’ve been,” said Scott. The result of his collision could’ve been much worse, there was a small possibility that he could’ve lost his ability to walk.

“My mom was a little scared to have me wrestle, but my dad said to me go for it, he actually wanted me to do it,” said Scott. You’d think Scott would be scared to get out on the mats this season, but he has shown no fear. Scott went out won his first match of the season with a pin against CR Washington.

“It was a tough, long, and kinda scary process, but I just got through it anyway,” said Scott. Scott faced what all athletes fear, there was a possibility that he would never be able to do what he enjoys most again. Luckily Scott was able to recover, get back out on the field/mat, and do what he enjoys.


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