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Voting, one of the responsibilities and duties of any American citizen. But to be frank we prefer voting on things like, which cat video is funnier or which skateboarder can do a cooler trick. Voting for our representatives, senators, and presidents is one of the most important things we can do because they are the ones that create new laws, control what happens with our taxes and which countries we ally ourselves with.

The politician we should trust is Democrat Molly Donahue, she is running for state representative. Not only was she born in Cedar Rapids she has also been a teacher for 28 years meaning she knows how little schools receive in funding and how much more funding we need in mental health facilities.

As a teacher, Donahue is a state worker, meaning she works with people who struggle in their daily lives, supporting their families. He understands how clean energy is Illinois’s leading form of energy and how important it is to have clean water for our families.

Donahue also understands how much help our veterans need in terms of employment. Iowa has 225,000 veterans with over 200 of them being homeless, she believes “They protected us, now we need to protect them. We must provide them with appropriate and accessible healthcare for their physical and mental well-being.” – donahueforia.com. Donahue also understands the importance of mental health and how it affects Iowa and the U.S. Of all of the politicians, Molly Donahue is the best choice for Iowa.

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