Helping others MAY give your life meaning


Helping others can give you a warm feeling in your chest, knowing that you’ve done something good for the community. One Day in May is an opportunity to do that. Some of the new students and freshmen may not know what One Day in May is. One Day in May is, “A service learning day for students and staff to have the opportunity to go into the community and volunteer with various projects.” said Ms.Ramaekers.

One Day in May has been happening for over 8 years, is organized by Mrs.Doyle, Mr.Zrudsky, Mr.Blech, and Ms.Ramaekers. It is also organized by about 30 student leaders who have done the bulk of the work this year. “It’s a  chance for high school students to show how much good they can give to the community.” said Ramaekers. This day will be filled with fun and positive energy, but students should expect hard work, along with the enjoyable time out of class, meeting new people, and free lunch and t-shirts.

Some might ask, “If One Day in May is so great, why don’t we have more days like it?” The answer to that is quite simply. It takes way too much preparation. The leaders have been preparing since October of 2017, and have been raising money for the event.

This day leaves an impact on not only the people we help, but with us ourselves. This year One Day in May is on the 14th, and will be lots of fun. You will get just as much into it as you put in. So make sure to show up Monday ready to work and change our town for the better.


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