Passing on prom


Saturday, April 21st, marks the day of Marion’s prom. With the number of days until then becoming less and less, several people are running around town getting last minute manicures, flowers, and hair appointments. Not everyone however, is finalizing dinner reservations and dress alterations. Carissa Freese, junior, is not going to prom this year. While Freese has attended the homecoming dance every year since her freshman year, and she originally planned on going to prom, she decided against it last week.

“I just don’t feel like going, and there was drama involved, I would rather stay home and sleep,” said Freese. Freese had already bought her dress, and made other plans.

“It’s nothing against Marion’s prom, and there is nothing they could do that would change my mind, it’s just the people going, and me wanting to stay home,” said Freese. Freese knows she will feel left out when seeing pictures posted on prom day and night, however because she is not going, she is going to get more sleep in.

Kobey Hyatt, junior, is another student of many not planning on attending prom.

“There is nothing that could get me to go, I just don’t want to go,” said Hyatt. Hyatt also didn’t go to this years homecoming, but attended it last year. “I went to prom last year and it was boring, I don’t have to go so I’m not going to,” said Hyatt. Hyatt does not plan on replacing what would be prom day with anything, and plans to sit at home instead. “I don’t think that I’ll feel left out, just because I really don’t want to go,” said Hyatt.

While prom is a night to make several memories, it is also expensive, and can often consist of drama. However it is up to each individual student if they want to attend or not.


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