Hopping into Easter activities


Look out a window. Based on the inches upon inches of snow one wouldn’t think that Easter is just around the corner. In less than a week it will be Easter Sunday, and although not everyone will celebrate, a lot of places around Marion have events for the holiday.

According to KDAT.com, Hy-Vee is still having their easter egg hunts despite the frosty weather. They will take place in four different locations, Noelridge Park, Jones Park, Cherry Hill, and the Peg Pierce Complex. They all start at 11am, March 30th. Sadly high schoolers can not participate since its ages 12 and under, but you could always bring a little brother, or sister for some fun.

If you’re not big on going out that’s perfectly fine, there’s still stuff for you to do for Easter. You can spend your trying out Easter recipes with your family and friends. If cooking and baking isn’t quite your cup of tea, you can try some DIY Easter crafts from Pinterest. What’s important is that you have fun.

If the making food thing doesn’t work out, don’t worry. There’s still plenty of places to have something good to eat. Mandarin Spice Asian Grill will be having an Easter Brunch from 11am-2pm on April 1st. Their brunch will include carved ham, breakfast items, sushi, and more. There will be other places to have lots of food, just make sure to check their hours since they are subject to change for Easter.

Maybe after filling yourself full of food you’ll want to do some shopping at Lindale Mall, which is just outside of Marion. Lots of stores will be having sales, but we all know what else is at the mall. The Easter Bunny! Now to some this is terrifying, and they have a right to think so, but maybe this will be your year to be brave and go get your picture taken with human in an old bunny suit, or maybe you could just take your siblings and they can be the brave ones this year.

According to lindale mall.com, the Easter Bunny will be at the mall from 5-8 pm until March 31.

If all this still doesn’t seem of any interest to you, you could always go out and buy Easter candy to eat all for yourself while watching movies all day, just dont stay up, because you’ve got school the next day.

Hopefully you all have a good Easter, or just a nice Sunday before the start of the last quarter. Although most of us wish that it was more spring like, and less frozen, Marion isn’t letting 8 inches of snow take away their “ HOP-py” day.


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