Is it worth the treble?


Music is a way to express yourself. It’s a way to get out stress and be yourself. But, in high schools busy, and it’s a rush to get every class you want/need in before you graduate. Band and choir takes up alot of time. Is it even worth it to be in it if you don’t even plan on being in music after high school?

Well to some of our seniors it is. Seth Paulson is graduating this year, and has been in band since 5th grade. Originally his parents forced him to play an instrument, but he’s glad they did because now he loves playing trumpet more than he thought he ever would. Band opened up a lot of opportunities for Paulsen, like show band, jazz band, and marching band. All of which have taught him the importance of teamwork. Band left him with a lot of memories, and made him a better team player. It has shaped him into the person he is today. He says it’s worth the time commitment to him. When asked if he ever regretted participating, Paulson says, “Not once, It wasn’t always sunshine and rainbows but I’ve never regretted joining.”

Bri Horrach also doesn’t regret her choices of joining in on the music family. When she got here her sophomore year she felt a connection with choir and the people in it. Horrach has always loved music and singing. She likes singing in front of people so they can see how she is feeling through the songs she’s singing. Her years of singing with the choir, and show choir, have left her with the love and passion for connecting with people. It has taught her how to break down barriers with music. She says “I definitely don’t regret it, because i’ve enjoyed making connections, and growing through music. It is worth it to join because it will get you about of your comfort zone.”

It’s no secret that joining band will take up a lot of time, as will choir. Well Kaitlyn Askelson does both. She started choir as soon as she could in 2nd grade because she enjoyed music class and loved singing. She started playing in the band when she started 5th grade, because she thought it would be cool to play an instrument. Now in her senior year, she still feels the same way. Music is really important to her. Through her time in choir, show choir, and band she has been inspired to become a choir director, and will be starting to achieve that goal. She too thinks that it’s worth it to participate. She says. “You get to put out something bigger than yourself.” At times band seemed to hard and time consuming, but she’s glad she did it.


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