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When most people think of the science wing in Marion High School, they would think of the science classes they have had in the past, or a current class they are taking at the time. The part of the school where fun comes to die. Most students repeat the same routine every day, walking from class to class, and unless they have visited room 511, they wouldn’t know about the newly formed medical room.

Elizabeth Lange, ‘19, is working towards to getting about her Certified Nursing Assistance degree, or CNA, and plans to get it sometime at the end of March. In order for and her classmates to get their CNA, they have to experience what a real nurse would do in a hospital. “My instructor brought in the dummies for the beds and demonstrated how it’s used in the medical field,” Lange said. Only the Kirkwood class uses the room in the morning from 7:55 to 9:30 A.M, and are making plans to use the room more. “The instructors are going to bring in dummies and practice on them or even have a group member to be practiced on and simulate what a real nurse would do,” Lange said.

The instructors weren’t the only people to help set up the room, assistant principal Mr. Zrudsky also helped. “Mr. Zrudsky helped arrange the beds in the room and making it seem like a real scenario of a hospital,” Lange said. Eventually all the medical equipment will be moved out of the room once the Kirkwood class is done using it. The room remains dormant for the time being as the class hasn’t gotten to the stage where they are ready to use the room and its equipment to the fullest of their abilities. To someone who isn’t taking the Kirkwood class, room 511 would look like makeshift hospital room, but to someone who is knowledgeable about what goes on in that room they would know that America’s next generation of nurses are training to save lives in the future.  


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