Investigation continues into Starry incident


A new wave of investigation is happening regarding allegations against a high school volunteer who is charged with molesting three students from Starry Elementary. However, it is important to note that there is no new information at this time. This investigation is still underway.

Due to many different state and federal laws, investigators and administration are not allowed to comment on the details of this case. A new Iowa law keeps juvenile court records confidential except for acts that would be a forcible felony if committed by an adult. Along with this law, FERPA does not allow school faculty to release any information about a student without parental consent.

As Chris Dyer, superintendent of the school district, stated during an interview with KCRG-TV9, “I would be really happy to talk…about anything… but you have to recognize this child is protected by Iowa law.”

The volunteer program will still continue at the school, but new, much stricter policies are being put into place.

“We’ve had a student volunteer program for over 30 years and during that time over 2,000 students have given back to our community,” said Dyer.

The new policy requires potential volunteers to provide references and gives the district the right to request information on any criminal convictions. It also states that no volunteer should have any physical contact with students or have any contact with a student outside of the classroom.

It’s easy to become frustrated with this situation but knowing these facts may help to alleviate the frustration with this process


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