To bring gifts or not to bring gifts


Graduation party season is quickly approaching and excited seniors are passing out invites to any and everyone in the hallway. Underclassmen are happy to go, who wouldn’t want to eat good food and say goodbye to their favorite seniors? However, things can get complicated when one walks up to a party empty handed. Bringing gifts is always a tough call to make.

Many students might find themselves wanting to go to close to 100 grad parties, some of them on the same day. Sometime needing a strict schedule of where to go and how much time to spend there. This could put a serious dent in someone’s budget if a gift was needed for each party. Even a five dollar gift card could add up quickly.

If the graduate is a close friend of yours or your family, then it would be nice to bring a gift. One would probably know what things this person actually needs or likes. If someone only sat next to the person in math class they wouldn’t even know what they would want. They know they’re good at math, not what color shower shoes they would want.

If someone does feel inclined to give a gift to a member of the 2016 graduating class, one can never go wrong with money. This may seem not as personal, but that is more than likely what someone going to college will need. Pairing it with a picture frame or a nice card could make it a little bit more personal. Really, all that one needs to bring to a grad party is a smiling face and a big appetite.


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