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By: Baylea Bruce @baylea_marie [Yearbook Editor]

The internet was made for one thing and one thing only, for people to broadcast the pointless things that they’re doing in hopes that others will watch them. Twitter timelines and Facebook are filled with sub-tweeting, what someone is eating for lunch, or that someone just wants to take a nap. This has been taken up a notch with the new app Periscope.

This app could be used in productive ways like filming a basketball game, sitting in on a class, or even letting relatives who live far away know what’s going on. However, it seems a large amount of periscope users are using it to film them just sitting there or using it to “roast” individuals with an audience egging it on. These are not the best uses for the app.

It may be easy to sit behind a computer screen or a phone and tell people exactly what’s wrong with them or point out their flaws. It gets even easier when others are commenting, laughing at the insults or encouraging the roast to continue. This may get more views and likes, but this is the cowardly way to do things. Almost all of confrontation nowadays happens over cyber space, but never face to face. Not a whole lot of support would be received if one was berating someone in front of everyone in the cafeteria. If it’s not okay in real life, why is it okay online?

However, this behavior online is not surprising. Thousands will log on just to see that one of the Kardashians uploaded a new selfie. Celebrities snapchat themselves going on a walk and it’s considered some form of art. This leads to people thinking that they need to have that many views, and they will do anything to get them. There are other ways that would add some much more meaningful content and positivity into the twittersphere instead of making it into such a hostile environment.

Periscope is a new video app, but it's not being used in the best way.

Periscope is a new video app, but it’s not being used in the best way.



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