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By: Baylea Bruce @Baylea_Marie [Yearbook Editor]

For every person in this world there is at least one day when their day is filled with balloons, cake, and people who they have never spoken to before telling them happy birthday. Adults often groan and talk about how birthdays have lost that special magic. However, as kids, birthdays were the best days ever. Kids would think of super good sweets to bring to class and it was almost a competition to see who would throw the best party. No matter how hard we try, us kids with winter birthdays were destined to get last.

In order to have a truly fun birthday party in the winter some serious creativity is required. Renting out the swimming pool is out and so is packing up and heading to a water park. It’s also too cold to do any fun scavenger hunts or any type of outside activities. Being limited to the inside of a house, chances for throwing the bash of the year go down significantly.

Another thing winter babies have to be weary of is the potential of having the flu the day of their birthday bash.  Weeks before my birthday I would avoid contact with anyone fearing I would have to cancel the one time where it’s all about me. Being sick is a complete party fail and can really ruin the atmosphere.

As we grow older birthdays slowly lose their special feel to them. However, those born in the coldest and darkest months of the year are still left yearning for a truly amazing birthday party. One where the party isn’t confined next to a fire because it’s zero degrees outside. So if you really want to make a winter babies birthday, figure out how to make their sunny and warm birthday wishes come true.

It can be hard to plan the perfect birthday bash, especially during the winter months.

It can be hard to plan the perfect birthday bash, especially during the winter months.


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