Schnieder’s final year

Jeremy Schnieders, senior

Jeremy Schnieders, senior, is finishing up his final high school golf season this year. He plans to play for Kirkwood next year.

By: Taylor Lamm [Opinion Editor] @Lammers11

For him it seems like the golf season has flown by, just like the rest of his senior year. Today is the day for WAMAC, which is being held in Vinton-Shellsburg for the boys golf team. This year he has high expectations for his team and himself. Hoping that they can make it all the way to state.

Jeremy Schnieders, senior, is enjoying his last season playing high school golf. Schniers has been playing golf since he was eight years old. He has mixed feelings about this being his last year of high school golf though. “It is bitter sweet. I am excited for next year. I’m going to play college golf for Kirkwood,” he states. Even though it is coming to an end he has high expectations for the rest of the season.

For today’s WAMAC Schnieders is pretty confident that his team and himself will do well. “The competition isn’t too hard. Only way we can lose is by beating ourselves,” he says. The course for today is only nine holes. It might be small but it’s worth a lot. The rest of the season he has the same expectations. “I hope we have a good rest of the season and make it past sectionals, just play a solid round as a team at districts. Then compete to possibly make it to state,” Schnieders says. His expectations are high and he is hoping for the best.

He’s getting all his equipment ready for tonight’s match. Getting his mind in the game and preparing himself for an awesome night of golf for both him and his team.


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