Brittney’s Basketball Blues


By: Savannah Guyer [Activities Editor] @savannahmguyer

For the Marion Girl’s basketball team, tomorrow is a big day. The second game of the season will be full of energy, hard work, and dedication; each second spent on the court will dictate the outcome of it. Brittney Hansen, junior, will be one of the people sitting on the sidelines, watching her JV team dash and score around the hoops.

On the bench Hansen will sit, all because she failed an elective class, “I got stitches in my leg, so I couldn’t make it to the choir concert. And when I didn’t do the essay to make it up, I got a failing grade in choir.” Brittney is suspended from basketball for thirty days, she won’t be able to play in a game until after Christmas, “It breaks my heart cause I wish I was there. I wish I could be out there with my girls, but I can’t, and that’s my fault.” Hansen commented.

Regardless if she is on the court or not, she will cheer on her team fiercely, “I’m just happy I get to be there and get to rally with them.” Brittney said. She even has some goals for her squad, “I hope we all improve on our skills and get to state.”

Although Brittney is regretful of her past decisions, she will continue to make the best out of them to get back where she longs to be, on the court with her team.

Hansen's grade-issues  have affected her playing time in basketball.

Hansen’s grade-issues have affected her playing time in basketball.



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