Friday Night Lights


By: Becca Hall [Powwow executive editor]

Everyone files into the stands, cheering and rooting on our players, the smell of popcorn and pizza float through the night air. As the game goes on, the sky gets darker, and the crowd slowly tenses in suspense, will we get the win?

The long awaited the kickoff to the Friday night football games is finally here. The temperatures may be a little higher than normal, but that won’t stop a Marion Indian from enjoying it just as much. Many are counting down the hours until the first play, to hear the cheers from the stands. The varsity game has been pushed back an hour, and will be starting at 8pm in hopes that the night will bring cooler temperatures. All of the sports and arts that will play/perform tonight are desperately trying to find a way to beat the heat while having their normal Friday night fun.

The football team has been conditioning and practicing since the beginning of the summer, so every minute closer to the game, the excitement rises. Jordan Comried, a senior middle linebacker and fullback, who has been playing football since 7th grade, has been waiting for this kickoff game all summer with anticipation. “I think we are ready because we have worked really hard.” explains Jordan. Since the game has been pushed back an hour, Jordan thinks it will be much easier to keep from overheating, he also says “We are really conditioned and will be drinking a lot of water tonight.” The football team is ready to bring their best, no matter the temperature.


If you look on the track during the game, you will see the cheerleaders boosting the crowds spirit with their synchronized cheers and movements. “I am very excited!” says Katie Miell, a sophomore cheerleader, “It’s another year!” she explains. They have been practicing and Katie feels they are almost overly ready for tonights game. “We are planning to keep cool by only wearing our shell top and our skirts, bringing a towel and extra water.” she says happily. Katie can’t wait for this season to kick off, “It’s going to be fun stunting and being with new people and old people from cheer!”

During half time, the Poms team will be performing, followed by the marching band. With many hours of preparation, both activities are pretty excited to perform for the first game of the year. “Yes, we’re really ready! We have practiced a lot and put in some good hours!” says Sheala Rael, who has been on Poms since last year. Joe Tiegen, the drum major of the marching band, says he too is excited for the game, but is a little nervous also, “The early outs have cut off 4 hours of our practice time” he explains. Like the other teams, the band and poms are also trying to find creative ways to keep from overheating. “We aren’t wearing our uniforms, just tee shirts. Also, a lot of the band parents donated waters.” says Joe Tiegen. Sheala says of dance team, “We are beating the heat by drinking lots of water and trying to keep out of the sun” With all the excitement, the game can’t come soon enough. 

With everything great that happens on the first football game of the year, it is easy to forget about the negatives of weather and just enjoy the night.

Sheala tries to keep cool during the school day before the game.

Sheala tries to keep cool during the school day before the game.


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