Kiene: excited for first wrestling meet


By: Uriah Lekin [Staff Writer]

The definition of wrestling in Webster’s dictionary is “The sport or activity of grappling with an opponent and trying to throw or hold them down on the ground.” The definition of wrestling here at MHS is “adrenaline pumping madness.”

Kenneth Kiene stands strong by that definition and he won’t stagger from it. “Its an honor to be on the wrestling team but its kind of hard at the same time, because you have to work hard and put a lot into it,” Kenneth said referring to wrestling and the perks that come along with it. Tonight at Washington High School at 6 p.m. the MHS wrestling team will be up against a big challenge facing more than one team at a time. “Its nerve racking but you get over it, all you got to do is think about winning,” Kenneth said.

Kenneth has been in wrestling the past two years on Varsity and being on Varsity takes a lot of determination and dedication. “There isn’t a big difference since last year but I’ve improved a lot this year,” Kenneth said talking about his performance. Tonight Kenneth is determined to win and beat the wrestlers at Washington and the others that come with them. “I feel kind of good for this meet. I’m doing better than last year,” Kenneth said. “If I win tonight at the meet, which I will, I’m going to go home and party,” Kenneth said.

Good luck tonight Kenneth and to all the other wrestlers facing Washington and the other teams.

Kenneth Kiene, sophomore, is ready for the first wrestling meet tonight at Washington High School.


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