Giving a helping hand to the hard working team


She’s hard working and never complains. Even during the cold and early mornings and nights at meets, she is always there to help.

Zoee Norton, sophomore, is the cross country manager here at Marion High School. Zoee decided to take the role of manager for many reasons. ‘I love the cross team and the atmosphere of the sport!’ she exclaimed.
Zoee has an important role as manager. “As manager I either go to the mile or two mile mark and yell out times, or I time them at the finish line, and most importantly I cheer them on,” she said.
Zoee also manages the team because, well, most of her friends are out for the sport!

Some of the negatives for being a cross country manager is being out in the freezing wind. “I get so cold during meets! And you’re not running like the runners so it’s way colder!” She explained.

The team celebrates with high fives. Zoee says the that the team is doing super good so far this year! Being a manager also has a lot of benefits. She gets to be around her friends and help out the team in her own special way. Zoee looks forward to the next meet and the rest of the season.


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