Why Iowa isn’t the best state


According to USN Iowa is the number one state in the United States. Iowa was also rank #1 in health care access, health care quality, higher education, pre-k through 12 education, employment, affordability, broadband access and energy. I personally think Iowa may be good economically, but in terms of activities, weather and land (there’s no access to the ocean or mountains here) it sucks.

The only reason one would want snow in April is if they enjoy snow activities, otherwise snow in April sucks. April showers are supposed to bring May flowers, but so far the April showers have brought snow and cold temperatures. The average temperature for April in Iowa should be around 50 degrees, but this year it has been 40. That is quite a big difference, according to KCRG, Iowa is on track for the second coldest spring in Iowa history.

The common thing you hear in Iowa is that there is nothing to do. When someone says, “hey let’s hang out,” you don’t go mini golfing or to the big aquarium downtown. In Iowa you drive around listening to music or walk around Marion’s 20 stores at the mall. There is never anything fun to do in Iowa. When anyone has the chance to leave Iowa and do something fun, they leave without a second thought.

Beaches, oceans, mountains, palm trees: what do all these things have in common? They don’t exist in Iowa. They are all super fun and lead to amazing memories. Iowa doesn’t have these cool geographic features. All Iowa has is corn, more corn and maybe a few lakes. Iowa would be a lot cooler, and maybe more people would actually want to come here if we had at least one of these features.

Iowa might be a good place to raise a family, or get a job with good benefits, but Iowa isn’t a good place to live if you want to have fun or spend your whole year in shorts and tee shirts. Yes, every states does have its pros and cons, but I feel like Iowa’s cons outweigh its pros.


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