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Excitement rushes around the school and everyone is pumped up. The volleyball team has made it to the state tournament once again and it’s an exciting time. With a change in schedule for state games during the day, the excitement is even bigger.

If the volleyball team were to make it to the second and third round (fingers crossed) Thursday and Friday of that week will be early outs, ending school before the games start. While many students would rather school just be cancelled for the day, getting out early is a perfect compromise.

From a student aspect, the early outs will allow for less school to be missed. Instead of missing the same classes potentially two days in a row, all classes could be squeezed in before the day. Yes it will be for shorter amounts of time, but at least the classes are meeting together and getting some time to talk about what’s going on. Teachers will have to adjust their teaching plans to the new schedule but so many people would be missing these days that it would be pointless to teach a whole lesson anyways.

The early outs also give teachers an easier way to attend the games. State is just as exciting for the teachers as it is for the students. When Marion plays the Cell Center should be filled with the entire community, teachers included. Their students are the ones playing out there they should be able to go and support. All the students would love to see their teachers decked out in Marion attire and being just as passionate about the game as they are about it.

Yes, this is a school. It is a place where academics should be the main focus. However, these memories are just as important as anything learned in the classroom. The teachers are good, they’ll figure out how to get their lessons in even with two less days. Cheering on our team at state isn’t something that can be made up. It’s an important experience, one that will be remembered well after graduation. Now everyone has a chance to get this experience.


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